Visit the Cathedral, the Biblical Museum and the Chapel of Saint Paul with a combined ticket

Cathedral of Tarragona

The Cathedral of Saint Mary of Tarragona, dedicated to Santa Thecla, patroness of the city, is located in the highest part of Tarragona.

It is one of the most emblematic places of Tarragona, one of the symbols of the city and one of the main cathedrals of Spain.

The beginnings of the construction of the Cathedral go back to 1171 on a site that previously occupied a temple dedicated to the Roman imperial cult (the temple of Augustus) and a Visigothic cathedral. The Cathedral was consecrated the 4th of July of 1331 and was declared National Monument in April 1905

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Biblical Museum of Tarragona

Founded in 1930, it is located in the House of Councils next to the Cathedral.

The visitor can enjoy a rich collection of archaeological, literary, artistic and didactic materials that will bring them to the fascinating world of Judeo-Christian culture.

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Saint Paul’s Chapel

In the highest point of the acropolis of the city is the building of the Seminary (19th century).

In one of its cloisters there is a chapel built in the 13th century, which was part of the hospital of the canons of the Cathedral.

A pious tradition places the apostle Paul’s preaching on the rock on which the chapel sits. A synthesis of the history and archaeology of Tarraco’s early Christianity is offered at the centre’s facilities.

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  • Adults: 9 €
  • Children 7 to 16 years: 6 €
  • Over 65 years: 7 €
  • Students*: 7€
  • Families with children 7 to 16 years: 18€


  • Adults: 7 €
  • Over 65 years: 7 €
  • Schools: 6 €

Minimum 20 people


  • Children under 7
  • Disabled*
  • Unemployed*

*Proof needed

Calendar & Schedule

You can visit the three spaces at your own pace within 7 days of the purchase of the ticket.

Audio/video guide service

(Cathedral only)

  • Audioguide (Cathedral only)*: 2 € additional
  • Videoguide (Cathedral only)*: 4€ additional

Guided tours

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